Tuesday, 30 June 2015

गुरुवर  मेरे , मैं गुरु का ,

मेरी औकात कुछ भी नहीं .

जो  मेरे गुरु की औकात ,

वह मेरी औकात , कैसे कहूँ ?

बस वह मेरे हैं , मेरे लिए

इतना ही काफी है !

   The Guru is mine , I am my Guru's

I am nothing before Him .

What my Guru's worth is ,

Is my worth , how can I say ?

Enough , He is mine

For me that is enough  !

Thursday, 25 June 2015

जो  भी  होता  है , तेरी  मर्जी  से  होता  है
मैं  बेवकूफ  कहता  हूँ  मैंने  किया  !

Whatever happens, happens

Because You will it so.

Fool that I am, I say I did.

If you want to know God, first seek a Guru,

On the contrary, who can seek the Master?

The Master will call to  you

 when the right moment arrives.

So first prepare your heart to receive the Master!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

यह तो खुदा तेरी मेहेरबानी  है 

वर्ना हम आदमी थे किस काम के ?

Lord it is your grace upon me

For when was I man enough?    


Lord,grant me courage, resourcefulness,initiative and knowledge of my field. Grant me prosperity,and wealth in body, mind and soul. Lead me into your happiness and your kingdom. For this help me purify myself, for alone I cannot. Grant me the boon of love and affection and care for my family.Grant me wisdom and strength and in the last the ability to laugh at myself, for I know how much I am a misfit.