Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The long line of scriptures, sages, and seers
All proclaim the Truth.
But sometimes it takes a whole lifetime,
To open one's eyes to That!

We come into this world of physical science and matter, 
Where we measure happenings through our pitiful standards,
Little knowing that it takes but a plunge,
Into deep waters, to reach the other shore.

All along the route the signs point the way
Sometimes tripping you up,
Sometimes pushing you along.

And sometimes appears a saint, 
Who kindly give you His hand.
And you trot after Him,
Stumbling and prancing like a child.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Translation of  previous post :

You are on this side of the shore,
You are on the other side of the shore too.
Then where is the joy, 
And where is the sadness! 
You are with me in my victory
And You are also with me in my defeats!

When I opened my eyes I found You,
Then what is left to be seen!
Then why should I cry, I did not get anything
Why should I tell all, I did not get anything 
I did not get anything, I did not get anything.

You are this world that I see, You are also not this world
Then where is the joy and where the sadness
You are on this side of the shore and You are on the other side of the shore too !

___________________________ Devidas.


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

इस पार भी तुम, उस  पार भी तुम
                                                        फिर कैसी ख़ुशी, और फिर कैसा ग़म 
                                                       मेरी जीत में भी तुम, मेरी हार में भी तुम !

जब आँखें खुलीं मैंने पाया तुम्हें 
फिर रह गया क्या अब देखने को !
फिर क्यों तड़पूं,  मुझे कुछ न मिला
यह कहता फिरूं,  मुझे कुछ न मिला 
मुझे कुछ न मिला, मुझे कुछ न मिला !

                                                        संसार भी  तुम, न संसार  भी तुम  
                                                        फिर कैसी ख़ुशी , फिर कैसा ग़म 
                                                        इस पार भी  तुम,उस पार भी तुम ! 

                                                                                                           -----------------देवीदास कृत