Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Full Moon rises on Gurupurnima Day


The day when the disciples all come together to pay homage to the Guru, who is their sole benefactor, guide, mentor, teacher and friend on earth. They consider themselves lucky to have found Him,(and indeed they are; this is without any doubt), and they celebrate that day and night in celebration. This day is also known as Vyasa Purnima, in reverence to Rishi Ved Vyasa, the sage who wrote the Mahabharata.

Friday, 24 July 2015

जो आप न मिलते , तो हम न होते

यहाँ भी न होते  , वहां भी न होते !

If I hadn't met You , I wouldn't have been

Neither I would have been here,

Nor would I have been there!

The saints you meet gladden your heart,
And the way they go, one day you too shall depart
Then why do you cry for companions that part?

The saints teach you that all you see is One,
And you have gained that experience with that One,
Then why do you cry for this life humdrum?

The Gita puts to you the question, for what do you worry,
For what do you worry, and for what do you cry,
You read the Gita and yet not believe,
What can be more tragic, you say the Lord's words decieve!


Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sunday, 12 July 2015

मेरे  संगीने  जुर्म  तेरे  दर  पर  ले  आये  हैं

कहीं  भी  राहते मुझे   ठिकाना  ना   मिला , 

अब  तुम  तो  ना कहना , की  चले  जाओ

मेरे  दर से ,यहाँ तेरे लिए कोई ठिकाना नहीं है !

My horrifying crimes have brought me to Your door,

I  couldn't find a place of rest anywhere,

Now at least You don't tell me to go away

From  my  door , for you there is no place of rest here !

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

गुरु न मिलते तो कौन राह दिखाता ?

क्यों न कहूँ , मेरी दुनिया गुरु से है  !

If had I not found {my} Guru,

{Then} who would have shown me the way ?

Why shouldn't I say my world is because

of my Guru ?


The classic definition of the GURU is Gu+Ru, where Gu is called darkness, and Ru is the light which dispels the darkness.This darkness is the ignorance, of the world around him, that surrounds the man. This world which man thinks is real, is not real. The Guru knows by the knowledge that He has, that it is so, and so can teach the man the reality. Hence Guru is called the dispeller of darkness. Guru is not the man that you see in front of you but is the Guru principle that resides in the man.

The Guru has by his own efforts reached the elevation with God. He knows the scriptures, and well knows the pitfalls on the path of the man, who wants to follow in His steps. There is no man more compassionate than the Guru. He is above par, above the mother and the father. And that is why men revere Him as the Gods that reside in Him for, by His actions He plays the role of the Hindu Trinity: He creates, He preserves and He destroys. He creates the new path on which His disciple may tread, He preserves the good that is in His disciples, and He destroys the evil tendencies of His disciple, if the disciple but follow His words.

 Lastly, He lets His disciple know that He can show Him the path, but by his own efforts will the disciple reach the goal. For He has tasted the sugar candy, and the disciple can only know the taste of it, if he takes it in his own mouth.


जो प्रेम का रसिया है  ,_

उसके लिए क्या प्रेमी , क्या खुदा !

वह तो कभी प्रेमी को खुदा बनाये ,

 कभी खुदा को मेहबूब कहे !

The man who loves , _

For him what is his love , and what is God !

He sometimes makes his beloved , God !

And sometimes calls God , his Beloved !