Friday, 24 July 2015

जो आप न मिलते , तो हम न होते

यहाँ भी न होते  , वहां भी न होते !

If I hadn't met You , I wouldn't have been

Neither I would have been here,

Nor would I have been there!

The saints you meet gladden your heart,
And the way they go, one day you too shall depart
Then why do you cry for companions that part?

The saints teach you that all you see is One,
And you have gained that experience with that One,
Then why do you cry for this life humdrum?

The Gita puts to you the question, for what do you worry,
For what do you worry, and for what do you cry,
You read the Gita and yet not believe,
What can be more tragic, you say the Lord's words decieve!