Tuesday, 28 April 2015

माना  तेरे  दीवाने  को आता  कुछ  भी  नही ,

यह  क्या  कम  है  कि  तेरा  नाम  लेते  ही  दीवाना  हुआ  !

This mad  man admits he doesn't know anything ,

But is this anything less , that  by taking your name

he went mad !                                                                       

Wandering into this world of melodrama and  drama the soul soon plays around , losing himself in  it. Sometimes ,  he is esctastic and sometimes he is heartbroken . The different vagaries of life soon take their toll and a joyful life turns miserable . Who will help him ?  Who will understand his misery and who will put him out of it ?

That is when the Guru appears !  He understands and he will help him ! He knows him inside out and he has been following him  through countless births and he will be with him in other births too !   And that is when the man breaks out in song . And that
 song is of bliss - one that is both beyond  mere happiness and sadness !