Thursday, 24 September 2015

I had no destination,

But I kept finding His footsteps.

I had my fight with  the world,

But Khuda {He} did not stop being merciful.

One day I called to Him,

So, He answered:

"I am"

My head went down by itself,

And I drowned in that reply of His.

......Today, it has been ages since,

I still keep on fighting the world,

Whatever principles I still have left with me,

I still keep on falling from them,

But still:

If unwittingly, something good still happens by me

He keeps on showing me His presence, somehow or other,

That, becomes my only aid.

And I start writing whatever words  that occur to me

That is my only joy,

And the Word, given to me by my Guru,

Only that One Name {Ram} helps me reclaim my balance.


Placed at the lotus feet of my Guru

                                                                                                          ..... Devidas