Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Translation of :  मैं तो बद था ही
                        बदनाम भी हुआ

                          I was already known as having nothing good in me,
{With time } I grew more in infamy.
The world slandered me some, 
some stains I acquired myself .
My caravan would have gone on like this
If Your door had not come in between!

I am still going on in the same old way,
 I  am still no good, I still keep on acquiring blemishes,
But still whenever I come to Your door,
My ill fame vanishes away
And I do not know where the stains on my character disappear!

And in that {subtle} atmosphere that you create;
My heart brims over. 
That cup which You hold out forth for others to drink;
That cup calls me forth; and for that 
My hand comes out to hold!