Monday, 18 May 2015

गीत :

मैं दो दिन का मेहमान, मेरे दिन रैना हैं चार 

तू दो दिन का मेहमान, तेरे  दिन और रैना चार !

Song :

I am a guest of two days, my days and nights are four

You are a guest of two days, your days and nights are four !


"In all sacred  books and vedic texts, the Guru is most respected. In the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Bhagwadgita, the Upanishads, the Guru Granth;- he is most revered. And Kabir, therefore bows to him first, when he comes to see the Lord, the first time!  The Lord Supreme,_ the Lord of All, the Lord of everything that we know and that we know not; and that which is beyond our eye and our   understanding. If there were no Guru, who would make us realize the One that is present, but not seen. Bow at the lotus feet of the Guru. He is the One that keeps on telling you again and again 500 times ' Ram ka naam lo', 'Ram ka naam lo', 'Ram ka naam lo'! Otherwise how would you?

A father was showing his son a crow. The little fellow pointed at the crow: 'What is it?' 'It is a crow,' said the father. After some time the boy  pointed again,'What is that?' 'That is a crow,' said the father. After some time, the boy said,"What is that?' 'It's a crow, son,' said the father again. And so it went, 'What, what, what.............' and the father answered every time with patience and with sweetness,'That's a crow,boy'.

One day after many, many years when the father grew old and weak of eye, he told his grownup son, 'What is it?' ' It's a crow, Father', said the boy. After some time the father said to the son, 'What is it, son?' The son said ,'That's a crow.' Again after some time , the father said,' What is that, son?' The son got a little irritated. ' Father, it is a crow.' 'Oh!', said the father. and then again he pointed to the sitting crow and said, 'Son, what is that?' The son lost his temper,' Father how many times I will tell you, It's a crow, Father?' The Father said, "Oh!' and kept quiet for some time. Then he said to his son ,'Don't get angry, son. Remember when you were little, how many times I answered  your question . Look, here I wrote down in a book,_ 500 times.' The son was ashamed. And so should we be!The Guru tells us time and time again, "Ram ka naam lo' and that's how we understand that we should be grateful to the Lord, for all He has given us and to the Guru, who is the incarnation of the Lord himself.' 

_______An excerpt from Amritwani, the discourse of my Guru, Dr. Swami Rajendraji Maharaj, on 18th November, 2001.