Wednesday, 27 May 2015

बड़े  भाग्य  होते  हैं उसके,
 जिसे कोई तेरी याद दिलाता है,,
जीवन सुधारने को
  तेरे दर पे लाता

That man is of good fortune
who is made to remember You ,
and to remake his life,
is brought to your door !

Lord, I asked,
 who am I?
Why was I made to live and die?
Said He_
Man, you are unto me a part,
My own, of my own body
You have my faith. 
Keep that! Why fear then?
Fear not!
Respect my words
I am thyself,
Thou art Me!
For when things come to pass
You have my hand to steady thee
So take my hand,
And one day, you will stand with me,
And will know the truth for yourself!